15.12.2015 We Are Recruiting

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We Are Mighty [WAM] is a new, casual, guild with view to expanding our ranks.

The guild currently has an international flavour with Irish, English, Finnish, German and Portugese players. English is the main language as it’s the only common one.

The guild was formed by active players in inactive guilds wanting to start a guild which is a bit more active, without being hardcore.

We have people on Aurora Glade, Gandra and Desolation, which limits WvW, but we are hoping that once we expand the ranks, we can have a presence across servers. Other than that, we focus primarily on PVE, with HoT and fractals being a common hangout.

We are happy to teach new players as much as we know and are also willing to learn new approaches to the game. We have also started dabble in PVP and have a very good guildie who is willing to develop this area.

We have a variety of experience in the guild with dungeons, guild missions, fractals and we are also hoping to start experimenting with raids and are about to go for our Guild Hall.

We currently use Teamspeak for chatting about the current mission, the weather and really bad jokes. We also have a basic website, facebook page etc etc

We arent looking to be one of the 500 member guilds, although that would be nice, but more hoping to have 50-100 members who play together, can be chatty and become friends.

Guild repping isn’t enforced, but would be during during guild activities. And the more people repping, the more we can buy for the Hall.

If you are interested, drop a note to any of the following: Greedy Git, Rzhaman, or Norn Xena