20.4.2016 Spring update brings changes to fractals and pretty much everything

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First the FRACTALS OF THE MISTS updates, these all seem very good! After that, I’ve picked some of the updates, read rest here: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/info/updates/Game-Update-Notes-April-19-2016

Ad Infinitum
Players are now able to complete the quest to obtain Ad Infinitum, the legendary backpack! Once they have crafted Unbound, they can speak to Kelvei to unlock the fourth collection and start the last part of the journey.
Fractal Tiers
We are changing the way that we break up fractal scales into tiers.

  • Casual tier has been renamed Initiate tier.
  • Core tier has been renamed Adept tier.
  • Elite tier has been split into Expert tier and Master tier.
  • Initiate tier now covers scales 1 – 25, Adept tier covers scales 26 – 50, Expert tier covers scales 51 – 75, and Master tier covers scales 76 – 100.
  • Tiers in the Looking for Group UI have been updated to reflect these changes.

We have created a new set of daily achievements inside of fractals that will replace the old dailies. These new daily achievements are designed to encourage players to complete fractals appropriate to their skill level by giving them cumulative rewards for completing fractals at higher scales.


  • Replaced the first Archdiviner fight with a simple kill event.
  • Created new, shorter paths through the fractal.
  • Reduced the number of hits required for the chest seal to 5 and changed the mechanics to promote movement.
  • Added the ability to disable wind and explosive traps.
  • Added another hammer-giving NPC after the wind traps.
  • Reworked checkpoints to reduce the time players spent running after defeats.
  • Removed the superfluous fifth strike from the last seal.
  • Made a change so that there are always 5 chanters for the arms event instead of scaling with the fractal scale.
  • The hammer now inflicts 40% damage to seal health instead of 35% for the arms event.
  • Made a change so that falling off of a trap does 75% health damage instead of 100%.
  • Missing with the hammer’s Seal Breaker skill no longer consumes the skill.

Archdiviner Boss Rework

“final fight with the Archdiviner has received a major rework”

“hammer will display a marker over the head of any player who picks it up, which will change color and blink as the hammer corrupts them”

Molten Boss

  • The Champion Molten Effigy is no longer immune to certain control effects and now has a slightly tougher defiance bar to compensate.

Molten Furnace

  • The thermal core has had its health increased but now takes damage from conditions and critical hits.
  • Invisible gadgets in the drill tunnel can no longer be attacked.


  • Increased the visibility of the lightning strike locations during the ice elemental encounter.

Solid Ocean

  • Added a checkpoint and made player recovery after falling off platforms more forgiving.
  • Removed the 30-second wait at the end of the fractal.


  • Bloomhunger is no longer immune to certain control effects.
  • Increased the Mossman’s size by 25%.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Mossman’s basic cleave attack would miss players who were standing above him.

Thaumanova Reactor

  • Reduced the number of portals that appear.
  • The portals and dormitory gates have had their health increased but now take damage from conditions and critical hits.
  • Fixed the vomit ability to correctly show the vomit effect in the fire room.
  • Added markers over the cooling rods to prevent them from being lost.
  • The final chest can now be autolooted.
  • Added a checkpoint near the walkway console.


  • The power source has had its health increased but now takes damage from conditions and critical hits.
  • Added a defiance bar to Old Tom.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Old Tom from dropping loot.

Underground Facility

  • The Dredge Power Suit and Rampaging Ice Elemental bosses now take additional condition damage while superheated.
  • The Superheated skill now prevents the bosses from clearing conditions when they attempt to heal.
  • Rabsovich can no longer be damaged before he appears.
  • Players no longer have to target the Reinforced Door to damage it with the Dredge Mining Cannons.

Urban Battleground

  • Siege weapons have had their health increased but now take damage from conditions and critical hits.


  • The molten boulders that appear in this fractal can no longer be targeted.
  • Renamed the molten boulders’ attacks from “Slick Shoes” to “Fire Trail” and “Crush.”
  • Fixed a bug that caused the grawl shaman to be immune to control effects.
  • The bonus chest for saving all four prisoners from the grawl shaman can now be autolooted.


“We overhauled daily achievements, adding new, specific Heart of Thorns dailies for those who own the expansion, plus new jumping puzzle (hey Git, how do you like them apples? – Rz), minidungeon, and dungeon path dailies to the regular rotation. These changes—plus the addition of a new flat gold reward for completing the Daily Completionist achievement—should encourage players to explore a wider variety of content.”

Big changes in MAGUUMA

  • Experience from killing creatures has been increased by 50%.
  • Adventures are easier to access, easier to complete, and have increased experience rewards.

Also DUNGEONS get their share of updates
“We increased dungeon rewards, including both gold and tokens. We chose to use a repeatable achievement to deliver gold rewards, as it encourages completing multiple dungeon paths while allowing dungeon runners to play as many dungeons as they like when it’s convenient for them, rather than tying players to a daily reset.”


“handle groups larger than five” “Squads can now be advertised in LFG”

Added categories, like Mentoring, Raids, Role-Play.


2 new maps in “beta” and changes to current maps.

Raid Lobby with bank etc.
Special Forces Training Arena

In order to achieve more balanced team sizes in World vs. World, most worlds will be linked in WvW with one other world, creating a combined world with a boosted population. Beginning at reset this Friday, this process won’t modify the original worlds or transfer any players. It simply unifies them together to play in WvW. Worlds that have been paired up will display with a plus sign to the right of the world’s name in the WvW panel. Players will also be able to roll the mouse over a world name to see which additional worlds are currently a part of that team.


“Outfitter merchants now sell new 18-slot and 20-slot bags for a combination of badges and gold.”


  • A new option called Effect LOD has been added to the graphics options of the game. It limits the detail of allied players’ skill effects. This option has been turned on by default.
    • When toggled on, skills from allies will play a visually reduced version of their default skill effect. Additionally, ally hit effects and certain ally cast effects will be disabled.
    • When toggled off, skills from allies will play the default version of their skill effect. Allies’ cast effects as well as allies’ hit effects on foes will be visible.



More damage. 7-66% increases. Some recharge times reduced.

“Our goal for this quarter has been to reduce a bit of the scrapper’s survivability while updating the base engineer with multiple weapon and utility quality-of-life changes.”

A large portion of the changes occurring for the guardian are aimed toward reducing the dragonhunter’s group controlling and killing capacity in WvW while toning down its ranged spike damage capability prevalent in other areas. With that being said, we want to keep the dragonhunter competitive and still dealing high damage, but we want the damage dealt a little less instantly than before. The guardian is also going to be receiving some of the same target caps on its wall abilities while seeing some cooldown reductions on its base virtues.


“This quarter, we’ll be looking a bit at the scepter and pushing it toward more hybrid capabilities.” “chronomancer has had a few changes, with well recharge reductions and improved access to personal alacrity”


Nerfed! “reducing the overall duration of chill” “reduction in the uptime of Infusing Terror”

“Short bow has received a physical damage upgrade as well as some improved secondary effects on various skills.” “Main-hand axes” “condition improvements while receiving some quality-of-life improvements when wielded in the off hand” “Search and Rescue!” “reducing its range to standard shout range and increasing its recharge time”

“This quarter’s balance changes are focused on improving Ventari and the off-hand sword while slightly lowering the defensive capabilities of the Shiro legend. Legendary Assassin Stance is expected to be offensive and elusive but was too survivable overall.”

“Survivability has been boosted a bit, with healing skills and traits working to provide more condition removal, vigor, and healing. Larcenous Strike and Bountiful Theft now remove additional boons, with Lead Attacks receiving a large rework that promotes spending initiative rather than holding it.”

“Stability-granting utilities have been refocused and reworked with the new stability cooldown specifically in mind, and the Defense line has gained significant increases. Within this line, Adrenal Health has been transformed from an adrenaline-holding minor trait into one that grants a much stronger healing effect when landing burst abilities.” Physical trait cooldowns now faster, like Kick, Bull’s charge etc.


  • Amalgamated Gemstones: A new Mystic Forge recipe involving globs of ectoplasm has been added to obtain multiple amalgamated gemstones at one time. Additionally, mystic forging crystals (tier 5 gemstones) or orbs (tier 6 gemstones) now have a rare chance of giving an amalgamated gemstone.
  • Black Lion Chest
    • The current exclusive dye packs have been swapped out for Winter Chimes, the Toxic Dye Kit, the Metallurgic Dye Kit, Taimi’s Dye Kit, and the Mad King Dye Kit
    • The Endless Repair Canister item has been added as a very rare reward.


  • Added the ability to link items in chat.
  • When switching categories, filters in common with the new category are no longer cleared if they’re also applicable to the new category. As an example, a filter for items with vitality is preserved when switching between armor and weapons.
  • Filtering and search terms are now preserved separately for the buy, sell, and transaction sections.


Looking good.


15.12.2015 We Are Recruiting

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We Are Mighty [WAM] is a new, casual, guild with view to expanding our ranks.

The guild currently has an international flavour with Irish, English, Finnish, German and Portugese players. English is the main language as it’s the only common one.

The guild was formed by active players in inactive guilds wanting to start a guild which is a bit more active, without being hardcore.

We have people on Aurora Glade, Gandra and Desolation, which limits WvW, but we are hoping that once we expand the ranks, we can have a presence across servers. Other than that, we focus primarily on PVE, with HoT and fractals being a common hangout.

We are happy to teach new players as much as we know and are also willing to learn new approaches to the game. We have also started dabble in PVP and have a very good guildie who is willing to develop this area.

We have a variety of experience in the guild with dungeons, guild missions, fractals and we are also hoping to start experimenting with raids and are about to go for our Guild Hall.

We currently use Teamspeak for chatting about the current mission, the weather and really bad jokes. We also have a basic website, facebook page etc etc

We arent looking to be one of the 500 member guilds, although that would be nice, but more hoping to have 50-100 members who play together, can be chatty and become friends.

Guild repping isn’t enforced, but would be during during guild activities. And the more people repping, the more we can buy for the Hall.

If you are interested, drop a note to any of the following: Greedy Git, Rzhaman, or Norn Xena


6.11.2015 Guardian build

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Greatsword and staff. I’ve also played this with Greatsword and Sword & Torch combo. Berzerk equipments. Toughness and vitality in trinkets for a bit “tankier” build. Lots of condition removals and damage blocking and reflection back to NPC’s. Armor sigils apply that shouts remove conditions as well. You can click the images to view high-res versions.


I have Superior Rune of the Trooper on armor, 6th rune give you: “Shouts remove a condition from each affected ally”.


7=Retreat, 8=Save Yourselves!, 9=Purging Flames, 10=Feel My Wrath!.

Build by Rzhaman.

You can also check out the official meta build for a Guardian by clicking here.